The Big Kickin Country $1000 Secret Sound.

1. We’ll play the sound in the 7am, 8am, 12 noon & 5 pm hours.
Then call 1-800-584-6902 or 435-674-7014 & guess.

2. The first time we play the secret sound, it’s worth $1000.
After that, it goes down to $100.
Then goes up $25 every guess after that!

3. This may be the easiest way to EVER win cash on the radio.

We’ll list the previous guesses below…

How many times can you win? What are you chances of winning? What’s the meaning to life? Take a soup bowl to the ice cream dispenser at the buffet…that’s the meaning to life. For the answers to the other questions, click here.

Secret Sound Guesses

1st Secret Sound 

March 19, 2018

7am – Office Chair

8am – Garage Door Opening

12pm – Garbage Can

5pm – Utensils in the kitchen sink

March 20,2018

7a – ping pong back and forth

8a – Pinball Machine

12pm – Drumsticks Falling Through Drums

5pm – Paint brush falling down a ladder

March 21, 2018

7a – Pots and pans falling down a stairwell

8a – Ping Pong Balls

12p – Bucket falling down the stairs

5p – Sticks falling down the stairs

March 22, 2018

7a- WINNER: Amanda -Pencils falling down the stairs

2nd Secret Sound

8a-  shoes sliding across wet floor

12p – Office chair rolling on wood

5p – flipping through a book

March 23, 2018

7a – Door Springs

8a – Car reving up

12p – Car starting up

5p – Scraping on concrete

March 26, 2018

7a – WINNER: Roxy with Car Seat Going Back

3rd Secret Sound!

8a – Vacuum sucking up paper

12p – Bowling ball going down a lane

5p – Shuffling a deck of cards

March 27, 2018

7a – Lightsaber

8a- Tearing paper apart

12p- Garden hose

5p- Tire Gauge

March 28, 2018

7a- Pulling Tape

8a – Letting air out of a balloon

12p – Can of air

5p -Canned air

March 29, 2018

7a – tape being pulled.

8a – video game sound

12p – helium in a baloon

5p – Shaving cream

March 30, 2018

7a- WINNER: Kara with Glass cleaner being sprayed!

4th  Secret Sound 

8a- Bacon sizzling

12p- Someone playing with slime

5p – Bubble wrap

April 2, 2018

7a – Bubble Wrap

8a – A dog eating something off the ground

12p – Someone swishing mouthwash in their mouth

5p – Slime

April 3, 2018

7a – Laffy Taffy

8a – Poprocks in their mouth

12p – Microvwave

5p – Rain

April 5, 2018

7a – Washing your hands with soap

8a – Bacon sizzling

12p – Someone stirring mac and cheese

5p – Pot of boiling soup

April 5, 2018

7a- WINNER: Lexi with pumping lotion into your hands

5th Secret Sound

8a- Something being stapled

12p- Money going into a slot machine

5p- Printer printing paper

April 6, 2018

7a- Skateboard

8a- Change coming out a register

12p- A ball rolling

5p- A tree falling down

April 9, 2018

7a- Rolled up paper ball dropped on the ground

8a- Loading a tape deck

12p- Putting a VHS tape into a VHS player

5p- Coin in a vending machine

April 10, 2018

7a- Jukebox

8a-  sliding a tape across a table

12p- Cassette tape going in a player


April 11, 2018

7a- loading a VHS tape into a VCR

8a- Putting a record on

12p- a CD going in a CD changer

5p- Record player

April 12, 2018

7a – 8 track

8a- VHS tape being injected

12p- Turning a gumball machine

5p- Coin on a counter

April 13, 2018

7a- DVD player

8a- CD or DVD rom in a computer



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